Video Production

The last couple of weeks I’ve been spending some time putting together informational videos—screencasts—to be used as part of my school’s Bring Your Own Device program which begins this Fall for ninth graders.

As teachers we all spend a certain amount of time preparing content for the courses we teach, and this is a little like that… only more so. I’m conservatively estimating that I put in ~2 hours of work per minute of video, based on writing the content (script and PowerPoint), creating and assembling resources (logos, other screen captures, etc.), recording the basic presentation, post-production editing (layering in the additional resources, removing out-takes), and uploading of video to YouTube.

I don’t envision that this is going to become a permanent part of my job, but I’ve enjoyed trying to become more proficient at the process.

Here’s the current line-up.

I’ve toyed with the idea of making a How to Make a Screencast video, but… how do you record yourself record something? How do screencapture yourself doing a screencapture? This is all very meta-….

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